Binary Solution: “An institution of Binary knowledge and infotech Solution"

Founded in 2010, Binary Solution is an IT Educational, Professional Services and product development firm geared to provide global solutions delivery in the areas of E-Business, Product Development and online technologies.

Business Profile

Our primary objective is to develop an environment of fairness, honesty, integrity and courtesy towards our clients, employees, vendors and society at large. We are committed to our client’s and partners and have a passion for technology. We take on big challenges, and pride ourselves on seeing them through. We promises a strong foundation to deliver greater efficiency, sustain & improve compliance and deliver customer satisfaction, while meeting its key objectives around quality, accuracy, time and cost. Binary Solution has the ability to draw from an experienced base of personnel whilst maintaining a personalized form of business liaison. The ultimate in consultation, skills diversity and adaptability to meet client expectations are the very strengths of Binary Solution.

From the first day of the foundation (2010) Binary Solution working various IT Educational Project web and application development work in various department in Government of Sikkim and Government of India and for the private Institution


The organization provides total IT solution in sector like Education, Government, Commerce Industry, Defense, Transport, Panchayat etc. Covering application such as Website Application Development and Maintenance, Network Support, Consultant on Website Building and Designing, Domain Booking, Software Development, VSAT Networking Support, AMC to Government and Private Organization and information web security services to government department.


Our extensive investment in state-of-the-art technology enables us to offer unrivaled technical and operational stability to our customers. WE enjoy a wide reputation in industry for providing dependable, reliable and affordable solutions to the customers.


Our many years of experience in providing end-to-end solutions ensure your success. We take the time to understand your business needs and employ state-of-the-art technology to create cost-effective solutions that optimize efficiency and deliver results that will exceed your expectations. And we stick with you long offering you the knowledge and global reach to help you and your business grow.